Candle Night -- Summer Solstice 2003
Turn out your lights for two hours on the summer solstice. June 22nd, eight to ten p.m.

Do something special…
Read a book with your child by candle light.
Enjoy a quiet dinner with a special person.
This night can mean many things for many people.
A time to save energy, to think about peace,
To think about people in distant lands who share your planet.

Pulling the plug opens the window to a new world.
Awakens us to human freedom and diversity.
It's a process of discovery about our potential

However you spend them,
for just two hours, join us.
Turning off the lights, and help us spread
a gentle wave of candle light around the earth.

June 22, 2003. The summer solstice. 8 to 10 p.m.
Turn out the lights, take it slow.
" Candle Night -- Summer Solstice 2003"

Organizing Committee for "Candle Night -- Summer Solstice 2003"
For information:
Share with us your comments and ideas about how you spend the two hours. Don't forget to forward this message to all your friends all over the world.