"Blank" time
Candle Night is not meant to force people to turn off their lights nor protest something with loud voices. We believe using force to make someone do something will not lead to a warm and happy future. In the candlelight, someone might want to use their cell phone and others may want to listen to the radio. Sacrificing modern conveniences completely will not allow us to enjoy a real sense of happiness.

Candle Night encourages people to spend time in natural lighting, away from excessive electric lights. For just several hours a year, it encourages people to light their favorite candles. How you spend these Candle Night hours is totally up to you.

Whether you spend time with loved ones, with old friends over a glass of beer, or by yourself, listening to your favorite songs, you can experience happy, peaceful thoughts of the future of Earth.
We, the Candle Night Committee, with seven key promoters and our partner, the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) Japan, are just the beginning. Everyone can be an organizer of their own Candle Night. People with completely different opinions should have no problem enjoying Candle Night together.
If you are now using a lot of electricity in your daily life, you can join Candle Night. We call it "blank" time--there is plenty of room to accept any person, no matter what their specific purpose is, what their principles are, or what opinions they have. Everyone can be connected during Candle Night and it will eventually lead us to real happiness. It is our true goal.