Candle Night FAQ

Q: How do I organize a Candle Night event?
1) For starters, just enjoy the candlelight, talking with people who gather at the event. The number of people or the size of the event doesn't matter.

2) If possible, please inform the media about your idea and your plan. This could help spread the word about your event and activities.

3) For information about the past events held in Japan, please refer to our Event section.

4) For fire safety, the following website is helpful when we have a Candle Night event.

Q: How do I find a local Candle Night event?
A: Please visit our event page. You'll find registered events in your area.

Q: We sell candles. Do I use your site to promote our goods? Do you put our links on your website?
A: Sorry, we don't put information for commercial purposes on our website.

Q: I would like to hold a Candle Night event. Can I register my event on your event page?
A: Please register your event at the URL below.

If you have any trouble registering your event, please send us the following information to our e-mail address: eninfo@candle-night.org
We will register it for you.

Event Name

Please note that we may include the registered events on our website and newsletter.

Q: What have you done on the past Candle Nights?
A: For our past activities, please refer to Activity Reports. The 2009 activity report is located at candle_report2009_en.pdf