Logos and photos are available for promoting your Candle Night event.

Image data are free to use under the license by Creative Commons.

Download 515mm x 728mm(Size B2) 269MB

Download 210mm x 297mm(Size A4) 4.2MB

Download 120mm x 235mm(Postcard) 3.3MB

These are PDF data. They are outlined, completed CMYK data, but editable with Adobe Illustrator. Please use the data for printing posters and fliers.

Creative Commons basically refers to the users' right of using or distributing photos contained in the Main Visual or Website freely for noncommercial purposes by giving credit to the creator. Please check the terms and conditions at the http://creativecommons.org/licenses/ in your language.

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Please click here for 2009 Activity Report (7.8MB)


We have pictures of Candle Night from the last six years available to download.

Please download pictures from here.


All the pictures are appropriate sizes for printing. Please feel free to use the pictures to make posters, fliers, banners and blogskins for announcing the Candle Night events.