2010 Main Visual--Featuring "People"

Candle Night 2010 features "people."

In Candle Night 2010's main visual, we decided to focus on people, not candles, because people are promoting Candle Night.

Everyone shows beautiful expressions in the candlelight. In the darkness, away from ordinary settings, we may think and feel differently and show different expressions.

The 2010 main visual tries to portray such differences as people spend time in the candlelight.

The concept may also be displayed by focusing on people as they share their feelings with others who are involved in this movement.

In the darkness, people's faces are like mirrors reflecting candlelight. In the flickering candlelight, their expressions can show what they are thinking about at that moment. Some may remember joyful memories; others may reflect on days gone by with bittersweet memories.

The 2010 main visual showed a snapshot of an elderly lady and a young boy in the candlelight, showing their feelings thinking of their memories.

Candle Night Committee
June 10, 2010