Sense of Connectedness to the Earth

Kazuyoshi Fujita

"Candle Night" is an initiative in which various groups of people collaborating with other groups, take part by organizing events full of originality and ingenuity. Through such collaborations, amazing moves and connections that we never expect come out one after another. I hope everybody finds their own enjoyment by joining Candle Night on each occasion.

We, the promoters of Candle Night and the Candle Night Committee, merely offer a stage where people can play whatever they like. Even though what they do is not the same, those who join Candle Night by turning off their lights at the same time will surely share some feelings and goodwill which they would not have any other day. Some may join Candle Night just because everybody else does. Still, I believe, such followers will also feel something when they turn off the lights --something calm and quiet, something different from what they feel in their everyday lives.

Today, many human relationships are broken and people feel a sense of being disconnected. Without mending such broken ties, they are unwilling to take part in any movement where someone might try to enlighten or involve them. It does not mean that people don't care about politics and society. They simply do not see how they are connected to society, the Earth, or even others living next to them. Chanting mantras, like "Let's vote," and "No more nuclear power," does not work. People feel disappointed and turned off by such phrases because they do not present any hope for the future or sense of being connected. They may distrust political activities, politicalization of such movements, or they might even lose interest completely.

When people decide to join Candle Night, they may need something that motivates them to act on their own free will. Such motivations might be opposition to nuclear power and a wish for world peace. Or, it could be that one reflects on doubts of modern civilization or their own lifestyles. No matter what their motivations are, when people put them into action, they feel linked to people all over the planet. That is how people are moved by Candle Night.

I am convinced that such sense of community can encourage people to keep taking action.

Kazuyoshi Fujita
President of Daichi-Wo-Mamoru-Kai,
The Association to Preserve the Earth

Messages from Promoters of Candle Night--#3

November 30, 2006