How to Enjoy a "Candle Night"
Here are several tips to enjoy a "Candle Night."

*Read a book to your children.
They will be excited at the different atmosphere.

*Eat dinner with loved ones and friends.
Ask your loved ones: "Do you know 'Candle Night?' How about drinking wine together?" A "Candle Night" will give you a good opportunity to enjoy dinner with your favorite person.

*Listen to music under candlelight.
How about Bossa Nova? Or Jazz? Definitely Punk Rock. What music goes with the night? "Candle Night'" goes perfectly with any kind of music. Oh, you say playing music uses electricity? Allow yourself to use a small amount of it! If you can play a musical instrument, enjoy your own "Candle Night Concert" at home.

*Spend time with your family under candlelight.
Turn off the lights and TV. Talk with your family in a different atmosphere. You may enjoy special stories with them under candlelight.

*Take a bath under candlelight
On the bath water, reflections of the candle's flame flicker. Aroma candles are better for relaxation.

*Write a letter under candlelight
Candle Night can remind you of your loved ones and friends who live far away.

*Have a Candle Night party
Some say that Japanese are not good at having a party. This is just not true. Have a party under candlelight; eat good food, talk, sing and dance together.

*Spend time as usual under candlelight
It is OK to spend time as usual. Do nothing special. Use computer as usual. Or, excusing yourself to use some electricity, call your friends.