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I spent time thinking about the meaning of enjoying darkness on the night of the summer solstice, with people around and the lights turned off. Feeling the moment and sharing the experience together, beyond regions and generations, is a significant event which will eventually lead to a "seed" for the future.

It is necessary to design a system to allow people to share the moment, making everyone feel involved in the movement--together, not alone. It may also be important to have a wider point of view, like "By joining the Candle Night, how much CO2 emissions are reduced?; what contribution can we make to the Earth?; how does the Earth look like from outer space when lights are off?" We believe, however, that having a shared feeling of connectedness, passing "lights of heart" from person to person, would be more influential for gaining momentum. Candle Night will have a big impression when people feel a person-to-person connection.

Shin-ichi Takemura, a key promoter &

Members from EarthLiteracyProgram

June, 2003