>> Candle Night in Solviva Organic Farm--Lights of Soil, Lights of Winds
>> Turn off the Lights and Watch the Stars on October 17--Lights-Down Event in Kofu Valley
>> Candle Night Summer Solstice 2009--Report on June 21
>> Event report: Dim It 2009--Hong Kong
>> Enjoy the Starlight--The International Year of Astronomy 2009
>> Event: 'Dim It' in Hong Kong-- Lights-out Event on June 21 (Updated)
>> Many People Enjoyed Candle Night--Candle Night Saskatchewan, Canada
>> Brief Report on Candle Night December 2008
>> Candle Night in Slovenia--Event Report in December 2009
>> Candle Night in Zenryouji Temple--'Go home make a wish'
>> Recreating Ancient Night of 'Heian' Dynasty--Lights-down at Kyoto Gyoen Forests
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>> Over 65,000 Facilities to Join--MOE's Lights Down Campaign
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>> Brief Report of Candle Night Winter Solstice 2007
>> Artist's Performances--Candle Night in Governador Valadares, Brazil
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>> A Family's Wishes on Candle Night--The Story of Ivory
>> Effects of MOE's "Lights Down" Campaign June 2007
>> Candle Night in Taipei 2007
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>> MOE's 'Lights Down Campaign'--Black Illumination 2007
>> Mauritius held the 2nd Candle Night.
>> "Five-minute Action" took place in Europe, Feb 1, 2007
>> Reports from Overseas--December 2006
>> Candle Night Winter Solstice 2006--Kobe, Japan
>> Preparation also Underway in Candlelight--South Korea Winter 2006
>> A Brief Report of Candle Night Summer Solstice 2006
>> MOE's Black Illumination 2006
>> National Candle Night in Mauritius 2006
>> Milk Carton Lanterns Lighting up Kumamoto
>> Beeswax candle workshop and volunteer meeting at JFS
>> Candle Night Winter Solstice 2006--Rikkyo University
>> A Living Organism--Candle Night in Sapporo 2005
>> Candle Night in Shanghai 2005
>> Greetings to Candle Nighters on the other side of the world.
>> Candle Night in South Korea 2005
>> Candle Night at Harajuku Cat Street
>> 'Candle Night'-Summer Solstice 2004 in Japan

A Brief Report of Candle Night Summer Solstice 2006

An increasing number of people in Japan and the world participated in the Candle Night Summer Solstice 2006. 470 events were registered on our website, including ones held in Taipei, Paris, Seoul, Pittsburg and Cairns.

In Cairns, children enjoyed making waste cooking oil candles at the Cairns Museum. It offered an opportunity for the children to think about recycling. An event report and photos are shown on their event page: http://event.candle-night.org/report.php?id=576#comment

In South Korea, over 22 stores and buildings turned off their lights. Participatory events were held at over 15 locations.

Other than the registered event, Mauritius celebrated their first national Candle Night on June 4, 2006. Despite some difficulties spreading the new idea, they were finally able to hold a Candle Night event. Government ministers participated in the event as guests. They had a wonderful time
at the event site.

We received messages from our readers in India, Spain, Canada and Australia who would like to hold a Candle Night also. This is a sign that Candle Night is spreading to the world.

Many heart-warming messages from the world were sent to our new online message board, "Candlescape," during the Candle Night week.

When participants register their messages, the registered locations are shown as a dot on the world map. It displays their messages when you click on the dot. We received messages from all corners of the world, such as Spain, Philippines, Taiwan and Argentine, just to name a few.

The internet has made it possible to share the feelings and the moments together. "Candlescape" is offering a new type of communication platform to people of the world.

Note: Recommended system requirements: Windows CPU: Pentium/Celeron 1GHz or greater,
Macintosh CPU: PowerPC G4 800 MHz or greater; System Memory: 512 MB or greater;
Display resolution 1024 x 768 or higher; Flash Player 8 or higher.

In Japan, a photo contest, "Photocon" was held during and after the Candle Night Summer Solstice 2006. Photos are shown on the following website: http://fotologue.jp/#app/search/tags/candlenight

August 10, 2006