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Artist's Performances--Candle Night in Governador Valadares, Brazil

In Governador Valadares, a town in Minas Gerais States in southeast Brazil, fabulous Candle Night events have been organized involving a variety of artists. The first Candle Night event held was on December 21, 2006.

The group called "artist" organized the Candle Night in Governador Valadares, at the studio of artist Sebastiao Pimenta.

At the event, Pimenta and his guests made candles during the day. They then lit them together at 8:00 pm. They decorated the studio with candles along with illustrations by Antonio Torre. Architect Igor Souza built a stage. Participants enjoyed not only a candlelit dinner at the studio, but also a live acoustic concert by Duo di Taipa. They also enjoyed a performance by Clenio Magalhaes and improvisational live sessions and dances that lasted until one o'clock in the morning.

In Brazil, December solstice is midsummer. During the Candle Night event on the summer solstice, however, they did not use air conditioners or fans. Actually, Tamaki Yonekura, the lead organizer of the event, had been worried that the 60 participants would complain about being hot. However, it turned out no one complained and the event was highly successful.

This year's winter solstice in June 2007, Yonekura and her friends gathered to enjoy
Candle Night in a homelike atmosphere. And this December again, they are going to hold an event similar to last year's. Many artists have expressed their desire to join but the details of the program haven't been decided yet. Yonekura, however, is not worried. She said there's a saying, "In Brazil, things do not get decided until the last minute."

They will surely have an enjoyable Candle Night again this year.