>> Candle Night Summer Solstice in 2010
>> Candle Night in Solviva Organic Farm--'Tsuchi no Tomoshibi, Kaze no Tomoshibi' (Lights of Soil, Lights of Winds)
>> Post your message on Candlescape
>> Turn off your lights. Take it slow--June 21 8 to 10 p.m.
>> Toyo Exterior Handing Out Candles
>> Sapporo Candle Night 2010
>> Zenryoji Temple Candle Night--Cafe dela Terra
>> Tokyo Milky Way 2010
>> Candle Night in Oku-Nikko, Tochigi
>> Candle Night at Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi
>> Candle Night@Zojoji Temple, Tokyo
>> Candle Night@OMOTESANDO-Eco Avenue, Tokyo
>> 2010 Main Visual--Featuring "People"
>> Candle Night 2010--June 21, 2010 (Summer Solstice)
>> Enhancing Community Ties-- Neighbors' Day in Japan
>> Earth Hour 2010-- March 27 20:30-21:30
>> Atomic Bomb Fires are Still Burning
Silently--Candle Night 1 Pi:ce

>> Ice Candles Shedding the Lights on Snowy Towns
>> Candle Night in Slovenia
>> Report on "Candle Holders" Meeting
>> Feeling comfortable and part of Nature--Walking in the dark by Jun Nakano
>> A Ceremony to Send Insects Off --"Mushi Okuri"
>> Candle Night with Turban Shells and Waste Cooking Oil
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>> Event: 'Dim It' in Hong Kong-- Lights-out Event on June 21 (Updated)
>> Candle Night Summer Solstice 2009
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>> Candle Night Summer Solstice 2009
>> Over 415 Events Registered as of December 21, 2008
>> Korean Women's Environmental Network Published Candle Night Book
>> Event Report: Dim It--Hong Kong
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>> Event Report: Lights Out Day--Taiwan
>> Event Report: Candle Night Korea
>> Over 65,000 Facilities to Join--MOE's Lights Down Campaign
>> Event Update: Candle Night Korea
>> 'Lights Down' initiative in Japan--June 21 & July 7

Candle Night Summer Solstice in 2010

Communication via Twitter and Facebook appear to have developed more Candle Night fans in 2010. As the number of Tweets and Facebook postings increase, Candle Night has gained more attention. The number of followers and fans increased every week towards the summer solstice; especially the Candle Night Facebook Fan Page. It received many feedback comments and "Like" responses from around the world.

On June 21 and July 7, 2010, Candle Night opened a temporary webcasting station for two hours. It featured the "heart" of Candle Night by telling stories and talking about Candle Night. The guest speakers of the program were; Candle Night key promoters Kazuyoshi Fujita and Shin'ichi Tsuji, Japanese singer Tokiko Kato, Kate Sakai, and MCed by Saiko Ito of Candle Night Committee. Fujita and Tsuji gave some important messages on Candle Night in their talk; "There should be a million ways to enjoy Candle Night. We just need to be as we feel." "We don't need material wealth. What we really need is spiritual wealth--it is visible when artificial lights are turned off." Many tweets were posted during the program and Ito read the messages and gave comments in real time. From the tweets, we could see that young people, particularly in their teens and 20's, sought for "a sense of connectedness" and were interested in "slow" life through Candle Night.

(Taeko Ohno)

September 7, 2010