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Event: 'Dim It' in Hong Kong-- Lights-out Event on June 21 (Updated)

BOClights_EIM8619.jpgOn June 21, 2009, from 20:00 to 22:00, a special lights-out event "Dim It" will be held at Tsimshatsui Promenade in Hong Kong. The event is organized by Friends of the Earth (FoE) Hong Kong.

Following the first event held in 2008, the two-hour-long lights-out of over 200 buildings along both sides of Victoria Harbor starting at 8pm will be the highlight of the evening.

FoE says the growing brightness of the city is becoming a concern that it would eventually obscure the stars from sight for future generations. After the 2008 Dim It campaign, FoE recieved positive responses from shops along the promenade. The lights have been reduced since then. This year, the event is co-organized with International Year of Astronomy 2009 Hong Kong (IYA2009 HK) League. IYA2009 HK will set up 100 telescopes along the Avenue of Stars in Tsimshatsui on June 21 to allow free star-gazing for the public, turning the promenade into the largest star station.

The event is expected to raise public awareness about light pollution and energy consumption, thereby pass on the important message of restoring starry sky.

For more information, please check their website.


FoE Hong Kong Website