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Reflecting on 3.11 Candle Night

At 2:46 p.m. on March 11, 2012--a year after the devastating earthquake occurred--silent prayers and memorial services were held all around Japan.

The Candle Night Committee called for people to turn off the lights that night. The Candle Night website featured many messages sent from many different places. They were in response to the Committee's questions, "Where do you observe Candle Night? What do you pray for and with whom? What do you do by the candlelight?" Each message was displayed one by one just like a flicker of light, showing the sender's deep feeling. The messages were shared by all the Candle Night participants.

At the beach in Tairatoyoma, Iwaki City in Fukushima Prefecture, screenwriter Sou Kuramoto lit candles to commemorate victims of the disaster. In Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture, "Yuriage-no-Tsudoi" (meeting at Yuriage) was held. Gomagi (special firewood) was burned to make holy fires, decorative lanterns were placed and candles were lit. Osaki City in Miyagi Prefecture hosted an event called "Candle Night in Osaki--Lights for Restoration." Memorial candles were lit and fireworks were shot off to commemorate victims.

Hibiya Park in Tokyo was the venue for an event combining live music, a talk, and candle night, which was titled "Peace on Earth." Many of those who called for 3.11 Candle Night attended the meeting, including Kazuyoshi Fujita, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Tokiko Kato, Shin'ichi Nakazawa, and Miyako Maekita.

On March 10 and 11, a message "KIZUNA NIPPON" (meaning a bond of Japan) was lit on the Tokyo Tower and powered by solar panels. Especially on March 11, the lights of Tokyo Tower were turned off except for this message in order to express a feeling of mourning.

The embassy of Denmark in Japan reportedly observed Candle Night on March 11, too.

In addition to these events, numerous people all around Japan prayed for and talked quietly about the year after the earthquake with their families and friends by candlelight.